[AMRadio] For Sale: Knight T-150

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> On Nov 14, 2007 6:26 PM, jeremy-ca <km1h at jeremy.mv.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for not going anal like that other guy that commented, my comment 
>> was
>> mostly tongue in cheek.
> I haven't been around boatanchors long enough to know what "fair"
> market value is on a lot of this stuff and tend to set my prices based
> on what I see posted on QRZ, eGay, reflectors, and QTH.com.  My
> original asking price was also based on recent shipping costs on some
> things I have sold recently.   UPS and FedEx fees are crazy lately.
> The T-60 I listed the other day cost $46 to ship before I bought
> packing materials.

Bringing an item to the UPS counter is guaranteed to give you a shock. Plus 
the rates go up weekly as the bean counters add in fuel surcharges and 
constantly changing fees to rural Zip Codes and others that dont maintain 
full week to week local delivery truck routes.
I buy/sell boatanchors as well as convert HF amps to 6M for customers so Im 
always dealing with heavy items. Driving to Nashua became a pain so I got my 
own account, it costs me $8 a week and is an instant payback. The discount 
from the counter rates is huge. A SB-220 to the West Coast for instance runs 
$35-40; thats a 60# box.

FedWrex rates are usually within pennies of UPS, do you smell price fixing?

Check out Bel-Nor in Hudson 889-7577, they have decent prices on boxes and 
other packing material. Sometimes real deals on odd lots or cancelled items. 
Also DusoBox , 978-372-7192, over in Haverhill, MA. I get all my hard foam 
free from several sources.


When shipping 50 to 60 year old radios cross
> country, I don't like to use recycled materials.  I've since resorted
> to set my asking prices to include shipping.  I'm tired of estimating
> shipping and coming out on the short end.  Certainly wasn't trying to
> take advantage of anyone and could see how my original asking price
> might have been a bit on the high side so I adjusted it..
> -- 
> JT Croteau, N1ESE - Manchester, NH (FN42gx)
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