[AMRadio] IARU & national societies. A view from the UK

Jose HF Silva zehelmer at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 21:37:56 EST 2007


And what would the global picture be if a similar
evaluation is made per country?

Will there be a time to let it stop (the national ham
societies as such) and think of the future IARU
successor as a confederation, working possibly on a
healthier democratic basis?

Just a wish...

73 de Jose' Silva / ct1axg

--- Howard Aspinall <g3rxh at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> I follow the bandplan debate with great interest,
> albeit from
> the UK perspective.
> Perhaps you are lucky that your national society
> does sometimes
> respond to grass root pressure. Here in the UK,
> those running
> our national society are not really accountable to
> the grass
> roots, largely ignore them, and get away with it
> As for experimenting, diy and AM, these do not
> figure
> high up in management's list of priorities. There
> are
> salaried staff to pay, publication deadlines to
> meet,
> and advertisers to keep happy.
> Granted there remain some volunteers who do good
> work
> within UK's national society, but mainly it is run
> as a
> business, or as one insider described it, it is now,
> first and foremost, a trade association, looking
> after
> the interests of the big dealers and advertisers.
> It seems though that membership of UK's national
> society is flagging, and gimmicks like one year's
> new
> membership for 10 gbp, provided you sign a bank
> direct debit form for the full amount next time, are
> now the fashion, and as everyone here knows, the
> management hopes people forget to cancel the direct
> debits.
> When we had new licensing rules forced on us a bit
> back,
> thus opening up the bands to every tom, dick and
> harry,
> unsuccessful attempts were made to change the
> official
> name of the hobby from amateur radio to hobby
> radio....a
> sort of amalgam between ham radio and CB. People who
> enjoyed experimenting, diy or antiquities like AM
> were
> regarded as dinosaurs.
> What shows is that so many of the new people, having
> licenses given on a plate or with their cereal
> packets,
> don't retain interest in radio very long. What we
> see
> here is an exercise to broaden interest in the
> dumbed
> down hobby, and poach computer addicts in order to
> sell
> more riceboxes. In doing that, it has alienated many
> one time keen mature hams. Our bands are quiet, if
> not
> almost deserted much of the time, unless there's a
> contest
> on.
> So I wish you all good luck in seeing off your
> national
> society management's bandplan machinations along
> with
> the IARU's attempt at self glorification.
> 73..Howard/G3RXH
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