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Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 10:56:17 EST 2007

For Sale: Boatanchors. First come, first served. All prices plus shipping. Pictures provided upon request as time permits. Reasonable offers considered.  
Altec 1598A Amplifier Monitor. Amp and monitor speaker with source switch. Perfect for use with  R390A and CE slicer above. Can select R390A output directly or output from Sideband Slicer. Very Handy. Front panel is good with some scratches. Rackmount unit currently mounted in junky wooden box. Working as designed. Solid state. $45
Military RAO-6 HF Receiver s/n 909 made by National Radio Company. WWII Navy HF receiver variant of National NC-100A. Covers BCB to 30Mhz. Contract number NXsr-38306 dated 7-31-44. This one has big paint scrapes on top and a faded panel to left of dial. Otherwise it looks pretty good. Untested and as-is. With original preliminary manual. $189
National Rackmount HRO with rack, coil cabinet, power supply and speaker. Early pre‑war HRO, about 1936. With 9 Coils: 50‑100kc, 100‑200kc, 175‑400kc, .5‑1.0mc, .9‑2.0mc, 1.7‑ 4.0mc, 3.5‑7.3mc, 7.0‑14.4mc,14.0‑30mc (the cabinet holds 5 of them, one goes in the radio and the other three are in a National wooden coil box). The whole thing except the power supply is currently in an ex-Altec dark green desktop rack cabinet. Thie radio has been repainted with a number of unoriginal holes filled in. The paint job was done with Krylon and is a bit heavy. But the overall look of the radio is pretty good. The speaker was re‑coned by Jackson speaker service. The s-mater glass is missing and the meter vane needs straightened but the meter works. I restored the power supply and it is working as designed. The receiver itself has not been touched and is untested. With original of newer HRO manual and Photocopy of older style. $435
National Desktop HRO-5TA1 with 11 coils, 2 coil boxes, and power supply.1945-vintage HF receiver using plug-in coils. MFP stamped July, 1945. With 10 Coils: A, F, G, H, J, JA, JB, JC, JD, and JE in 3 wooden coil boxes, two for 3 coils and the other for 5 coils, plus the matching 697 power supply. This radio has one scrape on the cabinet top but is otherwise wonderful looking. Untested and as-is. With a selection of photocopied miscellaneous HRO documentation. This has the factory-installed noise limiter. This is a really clean, original HRO. $555
Heathkit SB-620 Scanalyzer. 1967-vintage panadpter matches the Heathkit SB-301. This looks very good or excellent. It is working but does not display a signal from my SB-301. The IF is supposedly wired for 3395KC for SB-301 but no signal and I didn’t ever debug the problem. With original manual. $110
Heathkit HO-10 Monitor Scope for parts. Front panel good. Cabinet has 2 big scrapes and 2 unoriginal holes. Power transformer has been removed. Has all tubes including the CRT. $30
Heathkit SB-301 Receiver. 1966-vintage ham-bands receiver. Covers 80-10 meters plus WWV. With ower cable, CW, AM & SSB filters, SB-600 speaker. Truly excellent cosmetic condition. Few cabinet scratches, Front panel is pristine. Working well with some occasional control scratchiness. The SB-600 speaker is also excellent. With original full assembly manual & SB-600 manual. $160 including optional CW and AM filters, SB-600 speaker.
Heathkit SB-401 Transmitter. 1970’s-vintage HF transmitter designed to transceive with the SB-301 receiver. With HDP-121A Heathkit mic, original manual, power cable, HM-15 refl power meter and SWR bridge. Not as nice as the 301--it has some scratches. But it still looks great. Working well. With original Aseembly manual. $140
Heathkit SB-630 Console With Clock, SWR meter and phone patch s/n 704-90253. Operating console accessory for Heath SB-301/401 station. Clean and nice cosmetic condition. The clock works and keeps good time. But it is noisy. All other functions untested and as-is. With original manual. $89
Microcraft Morse‑A‑Keyer. Solid state keyboard keyer. With wall wart (not original). This looks very good and is working but speed pot is physically broken and sidetone volume pot doesn't do anything. With original manual. $40. They were bought by MFJ and this unit was sold for years under the MFJ brand name. Originally made by George Risk Industries.
Curtis KB-4200  Morse Keyboard. This is the grand-daddy of them all. It’s 1974-vintage and I believe it is the first commercial morse Keyboard. The later more keyboards all started out using the Curtis chip set. Selectable speed, buffer memory, etc. Looks great. It appears to work, but I can’t get it to play a sidetone. With original sales brochure--I was never able to find the manual. I beliebe these are rare. I have never seen another one on the Internet or elsewhere. $99
HH Smith Code Practice Oscillator/Monitor. Tube type in the steel cabinet. $5
Plain “ham” straight key on thick lead and plastic base. Nice. $20
Lafayette TE-25 C-R Analyzer with original manual. This has transformer ratio measurement capability. Untested. $45
Homebrew TO Keyer. Beutifully built. Western Electric Relay. No cabinet and those exposed tubes all in a row sure make it look cool. Untested. $39
Military Navy WWII RBB-2 and RBC-1 Receivers. These are WWII Navy shipboard radios covering 0.5-4mc and 4-30mc respectively. Made by RCA dream team. With one matching power supply, 2 cables to go from supply to radios and original AC power cable. With original RBB and RBC manuals 
and copy of Coupling Kit CN-10563 manual for panadaptor (not included). Both radios and the supply are in very sharp original condition, with all internal covers and all tubes uncluding the goofy ballast tube. Cosmetically, these are very good with some paint chipping around the panel edges and small scrapes here and there. The knobs are somewhat faded. Both the cabinets and the radios have their original tags and the cabinet s/n’s match the radio s/n’s. I have a bunch of spare metal tubes to go with these and a few odds and ends spare parts. $849 for everything. I would separate them for an excellent offer. Prefer pickup in Pittsburgh PA but I will ship them for the actual shipping cost. Shipping may take as long as 20 days due to my busy schedule.
GWE III AM Transmitter. This is in a 5 foot wooden rack--very pretty with many matching meters. It uses plug-in coils and puts about about 120 watts. This seemed to be working perfectly when I bought it but then discovered a strong parasitic in the exciter. This was fixed and the TX tests out good on 40 meters. No other bands were tested. Needs AC power rewired using 3-conductor grounded line. It could also use new HV connectors for safety. It was all built and/or modified by N3GWE, Ed Mantick. It was purchased by me in September, 2002 after Ed needed to sell it due to the onset of health problems.
Final: 812
Exciter: 6AG7’s driving 807s
Modulator: 45s driving 809s
Power Supplies: Solid State.
N3GWE Modified Eico 722 VFO notes: Modifications include 6AH6 in place of 6AU6 and power supply changed to full wave rectifier using a better transformer. Repainted nicely with black case. Looks good. Knobs are not original. Working perfectly and quite stable after 20 minutes. 
--Ed’s original documentation goes with it. This uses Ed’s modified Eico 722 VFO. This rig uses plug-in coils and a full set is included. Asking: $425 with coils and modified Eico 722
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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