[AMRadio] IARU Reg.2 MF/HF Bandplan

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Those are some good points Mike.

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Subject: [AMRadio] IARU Reg.2 MF/HF Bandplan

> Here is my response to the main players in the band plan proposal. You
> note I still show the same amount of disdain for a certain radio
> dis-organization in it that I do here and on the AMFone.net board. Also,
> 'Mod-U-Lator' at the end.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)
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> From: Mike Sawyer
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> Subject: IARU Reg.2 MF/HF Bandplan
> Gentlemen,
> My name is Mike Sawyer, W3SLK and I'm writing in response to the IARU Reg.
> Band plan which was proposed in September 2007 and scheduled to go into
> effect January 2008. First a little information about myself, I’m not a
> radio engineer, nor am I associated with any commercial communications
> group. Nor am I a member of the A.R.R.(gghh)L. I have been involved with
> amateur radio since about 1974 and celebrate it as the reason for my
> employment in the electronics field.
>     By now you have probably been inundated with numerous emails and
> communications regarding the band plan. It is not my intention to rehash
> what has been previously been stated but to ask three simple questions.
>     Question#1: Why wasn't there any survey or input from amateur radio
> operators in the U.S. since the bandwidth proposals where requested by
> A.R.R.(gghh)L. representatives? Since the (be)League(d) only represents
> 20~25% of licensed amateurs in the U.S. and represents all of them at the
> IARU Reg. 2.
>     Question#2: Why was the following paragraph that was present in the
> bandwidth proposal omitted from the 2008 proposal?
> ".....These band plans are voluntary and as such cannot legally be
> except in some countries in which the band plans are written into the
> national regulations. The vast majority of amateurs in all countries do
> conform to the IARU band plans and it is in our own interest that it
> continue to be this way. The plans are prepared in a democratic way with
> input from any
> country's member society. The plans are discussed, modified and voted upon
> at IARU Regional General Assemblies with each country (large or small)
> having only one vote. If an individual or group is not satisfied with the
> band plans as they are and has a suggestion for improvement then he should
> submit it, with as much documentation as possible, to his IARU member
> society......"
>     Question#3: If these will not effect our operation and are purely
> voluntary, why put so much time, effort, travel, and money into
> them? If we are to keep operating the way we are now, we (U.S. amateurs)
> will not be the vast majority that conform!
>     You will have noticed that I hold nothing but contempt and cynicism
> the A.R.R.(gghh)L. Due to issues like F.C.C. Petition RM-11306, it has
> hardened my stance against the (be)League(d). Also having been employed in
> different venues of electronics, I am wise to the notion of "Incremental
> Change." I think I speak for my brethren/sisters of the amateur radio
> community when I paraphrase a quote from the poet Dylan Thomas: "We will
> go gently into that good night!"
> Sincerely,
> Mike Sawyer
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