[AMRadio] Re: AMRadio Digest, Vol 46, Issue 43

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Nov 16 18:46:24 EST 2007

> A cheater cord was used by early TV repairmen to bypass the interlock used
> on early TV sets. The power cord on these sets were rivited to the back
> panel and when you romoved the panel you removed the power to the set. I
> have not had a TV set apart since 1984!
> Bob Macklin

The last time I took a TV set apart, was one I found at the dump and thought 
it might have some useable components inside.  I never could figure out any 
way to get the damn thing open, so I took a hammer and chisel to bust open 
the plastic case.  Once inside, I  realised there was nothing inside that 
was worth all my effort.  When I see a modern TV or other electronic marvel 
lying  in the dump these days, I just leave it there.

Don k4kyv 

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