[AMRadio] Cheater cords

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Nov 16 19:05:33 EST 2007

Of course, to-day there is no longer any such thing as a TV  repair shop. 
How many are still in business in your area?


The throw-away TV's have a much longer mean time between failures than the 
older sets.  My mother's old set, which was all solid state except for the 
crt is about 30 years old.  It has outlasted her by about 20 years.  It 
still works great, and has never given any trouble except that some of the 
cheap plastic knobs and switches have broken off from mechanical fatigue. 
You have to use a nail or similar object to press the remains of the on/off 
switch, but it works once you turn it on.  The picture quality is actually 
better than that of our modern set (also CRT).  What I dislike most about it 
is the shape of old fashioned picture tube whose screen crops off the image 
with rounded corners.  Our newer TV displays the full rectangular image as 
it is transmitted.

Now, if I could only find something worth watching on the damn thing.

Don k4kyv 

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