[AMRadio] Cheater cords

John Coleman jc at pctechref.com
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Some of the guys are still at it but I got out nearly 20 years ago to do
computer work.  But I got to tell you the old analog TV days were a real
pleasure.  Doing overhauls, I would replace the CRT, all the electrolytic
capacitors, most all the tubes, the Flyback XFMR, polish up the tuner
contacts.  Then did a sweep alignment on the IFs and Chroma Bandpass, lock
the subcarrier PLL and them babies never looked so good and would last
another ten years.  For you chassis pro's that was the days of the CTC-12s -
through CTC-25s.  Back in my early days I took part in a CTC-4 wideband
chassis overhaul.  I don't remember how many tubes were in it, 25 or 30.  It
used the "I and Q" color demod circuit where they had separate color
bandpass amps for each of the two phases.  That chassis was a nightmare but
boy did it look good when done.

John Coleman, WA5BXO


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Of course, to-day there is no longer any such thing as a TV  repair shop. 
How many are still in business in your area?


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