[AMRadio] Turns Ratio Question

jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Sat Nov 17 10:55:44 EST 2007

Im still well into learning mode as I stumble around my audio requirements.

Looking at a modulation xfmr that is marked 4596VCT RMS Primary and 3747V 
RMS secondary. This appears to be a 0.82:1 voltage step down or a .64 
impedance step down if I did the math right. Question is what sort of wiggle 
room is there in both impedance ratios and actual voltages used?

The power rating is way more than sufficient for my needs and it is rated 
down to 50 Hz. I can use modulator tubes to supply sufficient power to 
overcome a reasonable mismatch but what is reasonable and how does the 
mismatch affect distortion? I havent been able to find any formulas or 


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