[AMRadio] Need Pole Pig wiring info

jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Sat Nov 17 17:12:36 EST 2007

I assume that you want to remove it from the oil to save some weight and 
This is really taxing my memory but I believe the new secondary (was the 
primary) may be a dual winding so you will have to determine if you want a 
FW or a bridge and wire accordingly.

This is going back 40 years or so and Ive no idea if the current style is 
the same as homes are no longer fed with 110 OR 220V.

My first experience with a pole pig was around 1955 at a OT DXer over a few 
streets. He had a fully cased one on the floor behind the rack and used it 
to feed PP VT-127A's on 20CW, the only band/mode he used. Boy did those 
tubes ever get white!


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>I would like to find a web site that would give me information on
> converting a 5kva pole pig to be used as a
> High Voltage transformer?
> Don
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