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Donald Sanders w4bws at comcast.net
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The older ARRL handbooks had a table of wire size and spacing vs. impedance.
600 usually was about 6 inches. I made some from 6 inch pieces of 1/2 inch
plastic pipe. Drilled holes 1/2 inch in from ends and fed wire thru. After
stretching it out and positioning the spreaders, I secured them with RTV.
Works well. Your tuner doesn't care about spacing since the impedance varies
band to band anyway.

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> I tried to get on the air a few days ago, and noticed the SWR was
> extremely high on my loop, fed with ladder line.
> After much futzing it finally dawned on me to check the loop for
> continuity.  There was none.
> The 450-ohm ladder line I've been using for two and a half years, before
> it broke, is 14ga solid copper-clad steel wire.
> Not conducive for windy (read: outdoor) applications.
> So, my solution is going to be to home-brew an open wire feed line,
> using insulated 12ga stranded copper wire.
> I will still be using the same SA-2060A tuner that's carried me for years.
> I'll probably go down to the local hardware store and get either some
> wooden dowel rod, and chop it up to equal length pieces and cut a slot
> at the end of each, spray 'em with urethane (for weather protection) and
> then 'hot-glue' the wire/dowel in place.  Or, get some plexiglass rod
> and do the same thing, minus the urethane spray paint.
> My question is:
> how far apart should the two wires be kept?
> I've seen as little as 4" and as many as 6", and both claim to be ~600ohm.
> The 450-ohm ladder line is only about 2" wide.
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