[AMRadio] AMers all "old-timers"?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Nov 20 19:32:14 EST 2007

I just love it Steve.  Bet you that the sender wouldn't say that to your 
face.  It is indicative of the illiterate to send this type of message 
and also the kind of thing they would not utter in public.

You have really taken the lead in this mess and evidently you are having 
success.  Congratulations.


> An interesting arrival in my email today...  I received a message from 
> an
> anonymous person in reply to a message I'd sent directly to several 
> officials regarding the IARU bandplan.  Well, to be specific I should 
> say it contained
> the same subject line as a message I sent only to a group of ARRL 
> officials'
> addresses, with an "re:" added.   That same subject line was not used 
> on any
> of my mailing list or web-board postings.  Interesting... might have 
> been from
> someone who'd been forwarded a copy of my message by one of those 
> officials, I
> suppose.
> In any event, the message contained some poorly written name-calling 
> and
> profanity, which I will mostly ignore, but the following line would be 
> of interest
> to everyone I think...
>>...senile old AM jerks! You been pissing on
>>the league for too long.  you will all be dead in a couple
>>years, so what you care?  run
>>AM all you want nobody cares"...
> Nice.  In the message I sent under that subject line I didn't even 
> mention
> AM.  I guess it is another reference to AMers only being oldtimers 
> ready to kick
> the bucket.  That's certainly not my experience talking to guys on the 
> bands.
> And I'm only middle-aged at 44 years old, and I personally know 6 guys 
> in
> their 20s and 30s that run AM quite a bit.
> Steve WD8DAS

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