[AMRadio] AMers all "old-timers"?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Nov 20 21:55:24 EST 2007

Ellen, the mic connector sounds like an Amphenol 80MC2M.  They are 
available for about 12 dollars each if you don't scrounge one.


There is a picture there for you to compare.  Wonder if any wires are 
connected to the BNC connectors?  And if the holes above the meter are 
empty then it is a moot point provided nothing was disconnected 
internally to hook to whatever was there.

The solid state rectifiers are fine and probably will work just fine. 
Keep us posted.


> Hi Jim,
> I don't know.  Rodger, WQ9E has mailed a plate clip to me.  I need the 
> mic
> plug for it.  It was already modded to an extent by the guy who owned 
> it
> before Tim, W9SWS.  It has solid stated rectifiers.  It uses a mic 
> jack like
> a Ranger's.  There are two BNC connectors on the front panel.  I think
> they're for an o-scope feed.  Also,there are two holes in the front 
> panel
> above the meter.  Tim thought that they were for a freq. counter.  Tim 
> never
> used it after he bought it.  It looks OK, but I won;t know unitl I try 
> it
> out.  That's the chancde you take, when you pays yer $75 for a Viking 
> II.
> 73,
> Ellen - AF9J

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