[AMRadio] Re: Smoked turkey

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 22:06:52 EST 2007

Jim Candela wrote:
> Geoff said:
> I'll be either at the bottom of 3700 
> (up to 3.725 - wherever there's a clear hole) or up around 3.880~90 
> operating while my traditional turkey smoking process is taking place, 
> over night.  If there's too many in any one particular round table, find 
> a clear frequency and call CQ AM!
> Reply by Jim, WD5JKO:
> Ok so what is your recipe for smoked turkey?

Jim, I'm gonna send this to the list, as well.

1)  Fire up the filaments on the rig.  Pour a drink.

2) fire up the pit with a generous amount of oak, and let it turn to 
coal. Make another drink.

3) tune the receiver, looking for a QSO to join while waiting for the 
oak to turn to coal, while drinking the 2nd drink.

4) After the oak is going good, pour another drink and put a couple more 
sticks of oak on the coals, to bring the heat back up, because you 
talked too long in the QSO you joined

5) rejoin QSO for '(O)ne (M)ore (R)ound and tell 'em you'll be back, 
after you pour another round.

6) toss on 3 or 4 decent sized soaked mesquite logs, and put the turkey 
on the non-fire side of the pit (under the smoke stack)

7) Pour another drink and rejoin QSO for an hour while Turkey gets smoke 
coloring on skin.  Light, not dark

8) remove turkey from grill, stoke the fire with one more oak log and 
one more mesquite log, pour another drink, wrap turkey in foil, close 
the lid and re-join the QSO or start a new one.

9) after 5 more hours of hamming (or when turkey is done), remove turkey 
from pit, and get some coffee.

This whole ordeal should take a good 8 hours.

And the drink to pour? 
Wild Turkey 101 and diet coke, of course.

73 = Best Regards,

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