[AMRadio] Old-Timer AMers?

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>> I definitely fit the profile the guy mentioned.  65, next birthday, and
>> 50 years with a license and really enjoy giving guys like him hell.
>> Get the Viking going stock then modify if you need to.
>> Congratulations Steve you have made it to the cellar where I live.
>> Jim/W5JO
> Same here.  I turned 65 my last, and I am now in my 49th year as a 
> licensed amateur.  I hope neither one of us will fall into that "couple of 
> years" category, though.
> Ashtabula Bill got a chuckle about a decade ago when I told him about a 
> couple of slopbuckets I overheard in conversation and one of them remarked 
> "Ashtabula Bill hasn't died yet?".  Looks like they are still having a 
> long wait.  When I work Bill, we still sometimes get a  laugh out of  that 
> one. :-)
> 73,
> Don k4kyv

Im another of the old farts. Will be 67 on 12/13 and got my Novice 11/55.
However Ive also pushed the technology envelope having been on SSB (as well 
as CW/AM) as far back as 58. And been part of the first ever ham EME team 
down at Sam Harris'.

I got into AM again in the 1980-85 era with a 4-1000A and sold everything 
only to get interested again recently. This time Im concentrating on the 
30's and 40's.

I have modern gear for DX chasing right up to microwave, lots of homebrew 
for 6M and above. Even a Cleg Zeus & Interceptor. Also a vintage SX-115, 
HT-32A, NCL-2000 for when the spirit moves me for some mini contest.

However, I still wont use open wire line <BIG G>


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