[AMRadio] Old-Timer AMers?

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Wed Nov 21 10:44:28 EST 2007

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> >> I definitely fit the profile the guy mentioned.  65, next birthday, and
> >> 50 years with a license and really enjoy giving guys like him hell.
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> >> Get the Viking going stock then modify if you need to.
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> >> Congratulations Steve you have made it to the cellar where I live.
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> >> Jim/W5JO
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Well, I'm not quite as old as some of you old timer jaspers, but I'm
closing on 50 very soon.  I was however a late child in my family.
Dad was a WWII vet born in 1917, and both my siblings were much older
than me.  Gave me a lot of values of that era when I was growing up.
Some of my best ham friends are much older than I am, as I seem to
relate to them a lot better, however the downside of that is that many
of them have become silent keys, and losing a friend is not a good
thing, old or not.

Down this way, there are still a couple of AM'ers that come to mind
that are up there in age; Jim/K5BAI who is near 80, and just put a
Gates BC-1H on the air, and Otis/K5SWK who is in his 80's.  I have not
heard Otis on the of late however.  Jim, who we call "the old dawg",
is on daily.  The old dawg can probably outrun me when we go to
hamfests as we look for goodies.  I never can keep up with him!

Don't let W5JO fool you, as I think he is near 100 last I heard ;)

73 & Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Brian / wa5am

"Money is only temporary, radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dawg"/K5BAI

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