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On Nov 20, 2007 9:06 PM, Geoff/W5OMR <ars.w5omr at gmail.com> wrote:

> 6) toss on 3 or 4 decent sized soaked mesquite logs, and put the turkey
> on the non-fire side of the pit (under the smoke stack)
Mesquite for a Turkey?  Up here, we use hickory.  I have acres and
acres of oak and hickory, but no scrubby mesquite.

I also have used a combo of pecan wood with the hickory.  Pecan gives
it a very nice flavor.  I do agree on the amount of smoking.  Some
folks think a turkey should be smoked to the point it's black.  Not
good for many reasons.

Now, when us Arkansas Hillbilly's grill possum and coon, we use
anything we can find to make the fire, including motor oil (used),
diesel, kerosene, and other unmentionables...  We would even consider
mesquite if we had it.   Talk about a stiff smoke flavor, you would
never know what you're eating.  I suggest a quart of pure and clear
"shine" prior to supper, then a really good night of sleep by
yourself.  I stress "by yourself"...

They will also keep a good head of grease if you put 'em in a pot
while you grill 'em, but you have to keep the motor oil (again,
preferably used) going fast, and the fire real good and hot.  The
grease and drippings make a fine dip for the meat, even though all you
can taste is old used petroleum.  You get used to it before you know
it with the "shine".

With all that nonsense having been said;  I would like to wish one and
all a very happy Thanksgiving, and thanks to all for being a part of
the AMRadio Reflector!

Vry 73 to ALL

Brian / wa5am
Backwoods, Arkansas

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