[AMRadio] Old AM'ers

Jim Cundiff dadofpetie at comcast.net
Wed Nov 21 18:14:23 EST 2007

Hey All,
    I guess I am different than most. I turned 50 this past July but 
didn't get my ticket till 2001. My first AM station should be on the air 
next year. After getting my general, I fell in love with tubes and the 
old gear. I have several pieces and am not sure which one to restore 
first! Still getting my workspace squared away! My to do list is listed 
on QRZ.

    I just wanted to speak up here and say a big thank you to all you 
guys out there that take the time to mentor us newbies! The wealth of 
knowledge on these reflectors is priceless. We would be lost without it! 
Thank you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving. 73

In His service,
Jim Cundiff KB3GFC

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