[AMRadio] Anti-AM Opinionated Hams

David Knepper collinsradio at comcast.net
Thu Nov 22 07:49:47 EST 2007

This  perpetration of AM-SSB bashing has had a long running history of at 
least 40 years.  Let's face it,  this discussion has run its course and now 
it is time to end this "discussion" and move on - that is to those 
frequencies that all of us petitioned for below 3750 Khz.

I heard Don, K4KYV, calling CQ below 3700 Khz the other day, and no one came 
back to him.  I was too busy to call Don but what a lovely signal he had.
More of us should follow Don down to this open range rather than cozy up to 
SSB operation throughout 75 meters.  This is particularly true of some AMers 
who just love to irritate or harrass folks on 3892 Khz.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

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>I think most of the anti-AM attitude is just the lowest common denominator
> speaking.
> To them Slop-bucket is the "standard" voice mode on HF.
> So it follows that anything else is evil.
> Some years ago I had a discussion with one of the locals who exhibits this
> thinking.
> His reasoning (like most of them) was that AM occupies too much bandwidth.
> And of course we need to conserve spectrum.
> So AM should be outlawed.
> I countered by saying that on 2 meter CB there's not enough room for all 
> the
> FM repeaters.
> Since ACSB occupies such little bandwidth you could put at least four
> repeaters of that mode in
> the same spectrum of one NBFM signal.
> So they should out outlaw FM on 2 meters and everyone switch to ACSB.
> (tongue firmly implanted in cheek)
> His eloquent, well thought out response?
> "But EVERYONE uses FM!"
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