[AMRadio] ham bio + thanks for mouse traps

John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Thu Nov 22 10:45:12 EST 2007

I got my novice in ~1971 as WN4PRO. Built HW16 and ran CW with that. Went to Atlanta FCC office to get my General to become WB4PRO. RIg was Apache + HQ170C. I was a proud AMer at that time, had my shack in the backyard. Then I got SB10 adapter and learned about SSB. A bunch of us in the southeast got on every afternoon after highschool and college (mostly EEs) and yacked on and on - quite a tetesterone treat for nerdy kids that weren't out on the ball field. Although we didn't bash AMers back then, they were sort of holy grail to us as we had come through the ranks ourselves. Sometimes we would all kick on the carrier ourselves just for a change. 

Fast forward to now, with lots more boatanchors, 51, working in the high power RF business. Still love the smell of vintage radios warming up. With work saturating my desire to generate RF, I have little time to get on the air and transmit, but I sure enjoy listening at night, and also hearing what everyone is doing here and helping out when I can. 

On 'nuther subject:
I just had a great start to the day, as my new mouse trap worked. On advice of a friend, I bought this galvanized box trap yesterday at the Feed Bin store in Santa Fe, and it has a wind up knob. It kicked the mice into a chamber that they cannot escape from. No bait needed. Placed it out in the carport last night, by the back door to my radio room. This morning there were two in it, which I took up to the mailbox 1/4 mile away, and let loose. One was too far gone, became road kill and the other scamped to safety. A lot better results than the usual Victor traps with peanut butter I have to say! And a lot easier to empty. 

Happy Holiday to all and 73

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