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> 3.720 has been a good spot for some of the NorthEasterners... below 3700
> is a great expanse, void of signals and I don't know of an AM operating
> ham that doesn't have the wherewithal to upgrade to Extra class.  When
> the band-warming party occurred (nearly a year ago), there were signals
> of all kinds below 3700kc and there was a great QSO that happened on
> 3650kc.  Don's complaint (as valid as it is) is why isn't anyone else
> down there, taking advantage of the 'wide open spaces'?
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR

As some of you know, I now have a Viking II.  I also have the VFO to use
with it.  I was already heading in the direction mentioned above myself.
I'm hoping to do, like I did this last summer, when 10 & 6 were open -
announce what freq. I will be on via this reflector and/or the AMfone group
(in this case, below 3700), and start calling CQ.  Like Don says, we have to
get out of the ghetto. I get the feeling that all too often AMers only want
to hang out on the traditional 75 & 40m freqs.  I'd love to do 15m AM.
There's tons of open space above 21.4 MHz, and 15 is open during the day,
more often than you think.  There's also a lot of open space above 1900 kc,
and in my case, 160 is often quieter than 75 is.

73 & I don't mean anything nasty - just some food for thought
Ellen - AF9J

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