[AMRadio] Anti-AM Opinionated Hams

W7CE w7ce at curtiss.net
Thu Nov 22 12:29:35 EST 2007

> Well said Geoff, and thanks.  It's like I told some folks on AM the
> other day who are not happy with any AM'er that ALSO operates other
> modes; it's not the mode that makes the man, but the man himself that
> makes him a man.  True, there are a lot of sideband ops that have a
> vitriol hatred for AM ops, but we all know it works the other way
> around too.  None of this helps a damned thing in the hope this war
> will ever end.
> 73
> Brian / wa5am
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I operate AM, SSB, CW and plan to start digital operations for 6 & 2M EME. 
I enjoy every one of those modes.  While it is certainly true that there is 
a small portion of the SSB crowd that hates AM, it often appears that the 
majority of AM operators hate SSB even more (usually referred to as 
slopbucket by AM ops who apparently have not experienced the joy of a modern 
SSB rig with near-perfect frequency accuracy).  Personally, I don't 
understand why anyone would enjoy NASCAR, golf or football, but apparently 
I'm in the minority there.  I'm not going to waste my time critizing them 
for an interest that I don't share.  Enjoy your favorite modes of operation, 
but don't bash someone else just because they have have a different and/or 
possibly broader range of interests.

For those who might question my loyalty to the AM mode, check out my website 
at www.w7ce.com  (I own a Johnson KW desk and three broadcast transmitters, 
and have traveled over 11,000 miles in the last four years on boat anchor 

Clay  W7CE

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