[AMRadio] AMers all "old-timers"?

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> I was using a TS-940S and I don't remember what the settings were. I would
> like to try it with something along the lines of a Central Electronics
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)
> Hi Mike, was this in the late 80s or early 90s?  I remember listening to
> somebody comment back then, that there was a group of hams that was doing
> on 160.  BTW, if I remember right, you can only do FM (as NBFM), below
> Mc, if the bandwidth isn't greater than the bandwidth of an AM signal, and
> the modulation index isn't greater than 1. If I remember right, if your
> ricebox was like my FT-897D I sold in July, the FM bandwidth was probably,
> the standard bandwidth for 10m FM & above - 15 kc.  Did you change the
> deviation of your rig to comply?  Only a very few rigs were made in the
> 40s & early 50s to the NBFM, 6 kc standard - Collins made an NBFM adapter
> for their rigs in the early 50s; the Hallicrafters HT-19 comes stock with
> NBFM capability, and I think the Sonar Company made an NBFM exciter.  CQ
> Magazine's, Radio Classics column talked about 6 kc NBFM in the July or
> August issue.
> 73,
> Ellen - AF9J


If you wired it like a CE, it it would run PM.  The CEs in PM (phase
mudulation - which while it's not the same as FM, can functionally be
treated as FM) did legal NBFM.  Still, if you ran it off of the FM mode
provision the 940 came with, it woul be 15 kc FM, which is a no-no below 29

Ellen - AF9J

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