[AMRadio] Anti-AM Opinionated Hams

KX5KW ars.kx5kw at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 15:01:23 EST 2007

  Unfortunately, this is too common.  I recently heard two of the AM 
regulars in TX on 3880 switch to lsb while one was diagnosing a 
phasing audio issue.  (Probably a CE rig)  Their discussion was 
technically very interesting.  After about 5 minutes, another AM 
regular started calling cq on AM, on top of the first two, while 
complaining about AM'ers being on ssb "in the window".  Another AM 
regular joined in on the "complaint".

  The two guys working on the audio problem switched back to AM and 
one of them apologized for their transgression.  The other left.  The 
conversation then went to on what they were eating and had done that 
day.  :/ 

  I'm sorry.  Trying to impose this "AM only in window, SSB only 
outside the window" on others is arrogant and misguided.  Like others 
have said, use common sense and courtesy.  Be aware of our 
transmitted bandwidth in relation to *existing* qso's around us.  Use 
all the band resources we have available or the FCC may someday agree 
with those who dislike AM, that we don't really need them.

  I've really been enjoying working folks down south on 3705, N.E. on 
3715, 3725 and everywhere else lately.  Seems like the activity is 
picking up again after the rush of the band expansion.

  Looking forward to hearing more signals there as the band quiets 
down this winter.


  Thanks to all the men and women who were killed. maimed, lost family 
members and friends and made untold sacrifices for the Freedom and 
prosperity we enjoy today.

73' & Happy Thanksgiving,

On Thursday 22 November 2007 11:29:28 am D. Chester wrote:
> I have observed that AM operators can be just as culpable as SSB
> operators when it comes to claiming "ownership" of certain
> frequencies.  I have heard SSB QSO's start up somewhere within the
> Ghetto while there was no-one using the frequency, and AM'ers
> actually break into the QSO and advise the offending stations to
> QSY because they in the "AM Window".  To me,  that's no different
> from the 3892 and 3878 groups or the macaroni net claiming
> ownership of the frequencies they use.  Also, I have heard AM
> operators admit over the air that they knowingly started up only a
> couple of kc/s away from an ongoing "slopbucket" QSO.  When we
> conduct ourselves over the air in that manner, we are doing exactly
> the same thing that we complain about the slopbuckets doing.
> ...

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