[AMRadio] Anti-AM Opinionated Hams

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> Wish I could say the same here.
> I've had a Gonset Gooney Bird sitting on 50.4 MHz for several years
> now, and I've heard NADA. The radio's a paperweight with a yellow
> Civil Defense paint job!  ;o)
> Mr. T., W9LBB

I know what you mean Tom.  If we were closer, I'd help you give it a
workout.  BUt I see from QRZ, you're in Sun Prairie.  I'm in Greenfield,
which means we're 70 plus miles apart.  Neither of us is running power
(which you need to do troposcatter on 6).  I won't lie, except for a few
locals here in the Milwaukee area, who get on 6, to rag chew on SSB, when 6
is dead around here, it's about as boring as watching paint dry.  Still, 6m
AM (like 10m AM) is a blast when the band is open.  And you don't need much
power then.  Oh yeah, and unlike down on 50.125, you won't just get a grid
square on 50.400. Grid squares are cool.  But sometimes, I want to do more
than say "Hi and good-bye."

Ellen - AF9J

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