[AMRadio] Anti-AM Opinionated Hams

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> Ellen Rugowski wrote:
> >> That's probably gonna work out real well for ya, seeing as how 120'
> >> is a half-wave on 75m (3.9Mc)
> >>
> >
> > It usually does.  But due to the high impedance, it's one of the things
> > drove me to a roller inductor tuner.  I just wish it was up higher.
> You'll like the Viking II, then... the roller inductor in it will allow
> you to match from around 30 to 250ohms.
> Who cares what the SWR is on the feedline.  a 1/2wave into the rig will
> be fine.  Load the thing up and see how it does, once you get the plate
> cap for the other 6146 (you could always take the one off of the Scout,
> for the time being, seeing as how you'll have a replacement in the mail,
> soon).
Ummm, actually the plate cap I'm waiting for, is for one of my 807s.  But
Ill say this - you're tempting me to do just that.  I'll think about it.
Mail arrives here at 2:30 PM. Rodger, WQ9E, lives about 170 miles southwest
of me.  He mialed it out on Tuesday or Wednesday. If the US Mial is
effieicnt, it should arrive today.  If it isn't I probably will yank one of
the plate cap clips from the Scout, since I probably won't see the mailed
plate cap clip until Monday.

Ellen - AF9J

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