[AMRadio] Anybody remember this keyer?

charles L. mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 10:42:30 EST 2007

Back in the late sixties, early seventies when I used
to participate in field day, I remember a keyer that
was brought a couple times and I used alot.  It had no
tubes or xstrs, just a relay, 2 caps, 2 pots, a
battery, and a phone jack for the key, which in this
case was a pair of back to back J38's vertically
mounted on a base.  I had a copy of the schematic, but
lost it.  With the two pots, you could set dot and
dash ratios to make it sound like a real fancy keyer,
a bug, or give it the Lake Erie swing if you wanted. 
Anybody happen to have this schematic in their

Charlie, W4MEC in NC.

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