[AMRadio] Anti-AM Opinionated Hams

Ben Dover quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Fri Nov 23 12:12:09 EST 2007

Howdy, Ellen!

Yeah...   I know that there at least USED to be a bunch in the
Milwaukee area that kept 6 meter AM hopping, but I've never heard
them here, so I assume they're now defunct.

I've always been intrigued by 6 meters...  even back when I was in
Chicago, a channel 2 area!!! I can say from personal experience that
if you fire up on 6 in Chicago, you're gonna get something like the
final scene in the movie version of Frankenstein; the villagers, all
carrying torches and pitchforks, are gonna storm the place by night,
intent on destroying the monster!!!   <<GRIN>>

One of the things that I've LONG been intending to do... set up here
to work auroral DX on CW. Gathering dust is a pretty decent Heathkit
Seneca, a low band Motorola base station power amp (single 4CX250),
and an Ameco 6 meter converter (the Nuvistor version). Also, in the
rafters of the garage is a 20 foot length of 2" OD aluminum pipe from
an irrigation system (It'd make a GREAT boom for a 3 element 6 meter

As it is...  all I have actually working now is the Gonset hooked to
a J-pole.

Mr. T., W9LBB

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>> Wish I could say the same here.
>> I've had a Gonset Gooney Bird sitting on 50.4 MHz for several years
>> now, and I've heard NADA. The radio's a paperweight with a yellow
>> Civil Defense paint job!  ;o)
>> Mr. T., W9LBB
>I know what you mean Tom.  If we were closer, I'd help you give it a
>workout.  BUt I see from QRZ, you're in Sun Prairie.  I'm in Greenfield,
>which means we're 70 plus miles apart.  Neither of us is running power
>(which you need to do troposcatter on 6).  I won't lie, except for a few
>locals here in the Milwaukee area, who get on 6, to rag chew on SSB, when 6
>is dead around here, it's about as boring as watching paint dry.  Still, 6m
>AM (like 10m AM) is a blast when the band is open.  And you don't need much
>power then.  Oh yeah, and unlike down on 50.125, you won't just get a grid
>square on 50.400. Grid squares are cool.  But sometimes, I want to do more
>than say "Hi and good-bye."
>Ellen - AF9J
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