[AMRadio] Anti-AM Opinionated Hams

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Fri Nov 23 12:43:22 EST 2007

Aurora CW is fun on 6M. Especially when you link up to Es or F2 (not for a 
few more years). Ive worked Alaska from NH on what is believed to have been 
an AU link to double hop E. You should be in an excellent location for AU.

Ive worked coast to coast, South America and Europe on regular E and F skip 
AM, its a blast! Im also in a CH 2 area but with 99% of the town probably on 
cable Ive had no complaints at 120W on AM or 1200W on CW/SSB.


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> Howdy, Ellen!
> Yeah...   I know that there at least USED to be a bunch in the
> Milwaukee area that kept 6 meter AM hopping, but I've never heard
> them here, so I assume they're now defunct.
> I've always been intrigued by 6 meters...  even back when I was in
> Chicago, a channel 2 area!!! I can say from personal experience that
> if you fire up on 6 in Chicago, you're gonna get something like the
> final scene in the movie version of Frankenstein; the villagers, all
> carrying torches and pitchforks, are gonna storm the place by night,
> intent on destroying the monster!!!   <<GRIN>>
> One of the things that I've LONG been intending to do... set up here
> to work auroral DX on CW. Gathering dust is a pretty decent Heathkit
> Seneca, a low band Motorola base station power amp (single 4CX250),
> and an Ameco 6 meter converter (the Nuvistor version). Also, in the
> rafters of the garage is a 20 foot length of 2" OD aluminum pipe from
> an irrigation system (It'd make a GREAT boom for a 3 element 6 meter
> Yagi!).
> As it is...  all I have actually working now is the Gonset hooked to
> a J-pole.
> Mr. T., W9LBB
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>>> Wish I could say the same here.
>>> I've had a Gonset Gooney Bird sitting on 50.4 MHz for several years
>>> now, and I've heard NADA. The radio's a paperweight with a yellow
>>> Civil Defense paint job!  ;o)
>>> Mr. T., W9LBB
>>I know what you mean Tom.  If we were closer, I'd help you give it a
>>workout.  BUt I see from QRZ, you're in Sun Prairie.  I'm in Greenfield,
>>which means we're 70 plus miles apart.  Neither of us is running power
>>(which you need to do troposcatter on 6).  I won't lie, except for a few
>>locals here in the Milwaukee area, who get on 6, to rag chew on SSB, when 
>>is dead around here, it's about as boring as watching paint dry.  Still, 
>>AM (like 10m AM) is a blast when the band is open.  And you don't need 
>>power then.  Oh yeah, and unlike down on 50.125, you won't just get a grid
>>square on 50.400. Grid squares are cool.  But sometimes, I want to do more
>>than say "Hi and good-bye."
>>Ellen - AF9J
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