[AMRadio] Please help me identify a really nice old keyer

jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Fri Nov 23 22:20:50 EST 2007

Glad you found it John. HB keyers have been around since the 30's. I 
remember an OT down the street who had one he built in that era with 45's 
and he had absolutely no problem with it at 35-40 wpm in the late 50's.


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> At 09:39 PM 11/23/2007, you wrote:
>>That really makes me feel like I am rushing headlong into oldbuzzardism. 
>>"A really nice OLD keyer from the nineteen SIXTIES."
>>I usually think of  "nice old radio stuff" as being from pre-WW2, or from 
>>the1940's at the latest.  To me, stuff from the 1960's is pretty 
> Hi Don,
> Hey if it makes you nervous, I'll be glad to take that 1955-1960s' 
> johnny-come-lately 75A4 off your hands.  :-)
> I like anything that is well made, especially if it is homebrew.  It now 
> looks like this one may have been, check back to my web page, I just added 
> the schematic from a 1964 handbook.
> http://www.eht.com/oldradio/k2tqn/keyer/index.htm
> 73, John
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