[AMRadio] AMers all "old-timers"?

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Sat Nov 24 10:15:24 EST 2007

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> Just to follow-up on the anonymous insulting email I received in reply 
> to a message sent to ARRL officers... the header doesn't have any 
> useful info.  It was sent from one of the online email services which 
> do not tell you much if anything about the sender.
> My theory is that it was forwarded to someone else by one of the 
> recipients at ARRL, and that bozo sent the nasty message to me.  At 
> least that's my optimistic idea of what happened.  If it was one of the 
> ARRL officials, that would be especially sad.
> Steve WD8DAS


I suggest you forward the email, with headers, to the ARRL and demand 
that they "Confirm or Deny" their involvement.

At the very least, you'll be putting a warning shot across the bow of 
whomever was involved: if not an ARRL staffer, then whoever (s)he 
forwarded it to.

Bill W1AC

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