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> Don't know if any body would be interested, but I was in the Radio Shack
> Store in Derby Kansas today,
> and a complete AM station was for sale in the amateur radio section:
> Halicrafters SX-101, Viking II, 2 each Heathkit Q-multipliers, a
> Halicrafters VFO, speaker, and a spear parts
> SX-101 receiver.  They wanted to sell it all as a complete set.  Price
> $450.  If anyone is interested the phone number of
> the Radio Shack is:  316-788-4225.
> Don W5FFK

That's a decent setup at an OK price.  It must have belonged to one of their
employees. Otherwise, I doubt it would have been there.  Every Radio Shack
I've been to lately, seems to be fixated on Cell Phone, and Dish Network TV.
The only time I ever go to them anymore, is on the outside chnce they have a
quick and dirty part I need.  When I'm asked if I need help, I just say no
thinks, since the sales associates usually don't have a clue about what I"m
looking for.

Ellen - AF9J

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