[AMRadio] Boat Anchor Equipment

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 11:17:28 EST 2007

Rick Brashear wrote:
> The only fun left in Radio Shack is watching the expression on the sales
> associate's face when you ask for a 1K ohm, 10 watt, wire wound resistor!
> Hehehe...
> Rick/K5IAR
> ...on the outside chnce they have a quick and dirty part I need.  When I'm
> asked if I need help, I just say no
> thinks, since the sales associates usually don't have a clue about what I"m
> looking for.

I called up there, and all the old Boatanchor stuff was gone.

There's a continuously updated (on tuesdays, Mark said) list at 

The only thing I'd be interested in (but probably wont get) is the 
Nye-Viking Tuner, for $159.oo

Driving your AM Rig without a scope, 
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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