[AMRadio] Boat Anchor Equipment

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 13:26:22 EST 2007

Rick Brashear wrote:
> Cool, Geoff.  However, the site didn't work right for me.  Could you double
> check it?

Well!  Whatchaknowaboutthat?  It -WAS- working...

and, there's no 'www'... try typing in
h t t p : / / h a m r a d i o c e n t r a l . b i z
and see what ya get. 

HERE, I get nada... nuttin' zip, zilch, zero it's '404, man..' (aka: not 

But it WAS working...  I was looking at tuners, and antenna rotators, 
and other used gear, like that NyeViking tuner, for $159..

dunno where the site went...  storm related?

That is right over you now, Rick (and you can HAVE it!) 
Might be a router down in Dallas...

> Fuzzy/W5FZN (long time sk) said
> "ya pays yer money, and ya takes yer chances!"

Driving your AM Rig without a scope, 
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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