[AMRadio] IARU - VP ARRL contact by WD5BZO

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Nov 24 21:25:58 EST 2007

For those of you who would like to post to a site the ARRL does monitor 
to some degree, go here:


It is mostly inactive because they don't seem to have much to say to 
each other, but I have see Ed Hare post there and some others.  It might 
get more attention than here (maybe, but I doubt it).  It certainly 
won't hurt to try.  You can get on as a member of ARRL.  At least there 
you will have an audience of ARRL members.


>I challenge several points made by WD5BZO in the MP3 recording of a net 
>>The ARRL rep says the IARU region 2 bandplan is not meant for US hams
> -
> Why not?  The USA is in Region 2.  Radio signals don't stop at 
> national borders - that's why a *regional* plan would be developed in 
> the first place.  And can't we participate in the changing of the 
> bandplan for our region if it includes other countries?  Hams in other 
> countries aren't to be allowed to run all the modes we do in the 
> United States?  Seems kooky to me...
>>To get a voice that will be heard by the League, become a member -
> As far as I've been able to determine, no effort was made to get any 
> input from anyone, members or non-members, before the ARRL and IARU 
> developed and voted upon the bandplan changes.  And after we 
> discovered it had happened, member feedback on this topic has been 
> thoroughly rejected, with significant attitude on the part of ARRL 
> officials and Directors.   I am a long-time member of the ARRL, and my 
> respectful and gentlely-expressed opinions on the bandplan have been 
> ignored, insulted, attacked, scorned, belittled, and pooh-poohed.  It 
> would appear that *I* do not have even a tiny voice in this matter - 
> can any other League members report better results?
>> The ARRL VP is not willing to get in the middle of a debate
> Why the heck not?  Wouldn't that be a way to discuss it with members 
> and other amateurs?  Sounds like he does not feel he has any need to 
> speak with us about it after all.
>>WA3VJB has put out a lot of misinformation
> Everything I've seen Paul write on this subject has matched my 
> *personal* experience on this issue.   I am not relying just upon 
> discussions on mailing lists and web-forums - I've based my views on 
> the responses I have received directly from ARRL and IARU officials. 
> Can you specify the "mis-information" that is claimed?   I'm not 
> seeing it...
> Steve WD8DAS

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