[AMRadio] IARU - VP ARRL contact by WD5BZO

Thomas Adams quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Sat Nov 24 21:57:41 EST 2007

Howdy, Steve!

Good points there...

 >>> I challenge several points made by WD5BZO in the MP3 recording 
of a net transmission...

>The ARRL rep says the IARU region 2 bandplan is not meant for US hams

Why not?  The USA is in Region 2.  Radio signals don't stop at 
national borders - that's why a *regional* plan would be developed in 
the first place.  And can't we participate in the changing of the 
bandplan for our region if it includes other countries?  Hams in 
other countries aren't to be allowed to run all the modes we do in 
the United States?
Seems kooky to me... <<<

Even MORE relevant...  we're talking about the AMERICAN Radio Relay 
League. WHERE do they get off
meddling with issues regarding OTHER countries?

>To get a voice that will be heard by the League, become a member -

As far as I've been able to determine, no effort was made to get any 
input from anyone, members or non-members, before the ARRL and IARU 
developed and voted upon the bandplan changes.  And after we 
discovered it had happened, member feedback on this topic has been 
thoroughly rejected, with significant attitude on the part of ARRL 
officials and Directors.   I am a long-time member of the ARRL, and 
my respectful and gentlely-expressed opinions on the bandplan have 
been ignored, insulted, attacked, scorned, belittled, and 
pooh-poohed.  It would appear that *I* do not have even a tiny voice 
in this matter - can any other League members report better results?  <<<

For decades now the ARRL has seen it's role as DICTATING what's best 
for them to American amateurs, rather than LISTENING
to what the membership has to say...  remember the "Incentive 
Licensing" farce of the 1960s? It goes back that far. Unless your
opinion happens to coincide with what the ARRL "leadership" has to 
say, your opinion gets ignored. That's been SOP for a long
time now.

>The ARRL VP is not willing to get in the middle of a debate

Why the heck not?  Wouldn't that be a way to discuss it with members 
and other amateurs?  Sounds like he does not feel he has any need to 
speak with us about it after all. <<<

It's a simple case of No Balls on his part. With the big flap that 
this has unexpectedly caused, he's AFRAID to say anything,
because he might have to wind up eating his own words if ARRL HQ 
should suddenly decide to change policy course.

>WA3VJB has put out a lot of misinformation

Everything I've seen Paul write on this subject has matched my 
*personal* experience on this issue.   I am not relying just upon 
discussions on mailing lists and web-forums - I've based my views on 
the responses I have received directly from ARRL and IARU officials.
Can you specify the "mis-information" that is claimed?   I'm not 
seeing it... <<<

Amen to THAT!

For my money, the very fact that his "misinformation" provoked a 
response from ARRL of "Don't worry about it, roll over, and go back
to sleep" is suspicious as hell.

If VJB IS spreading misinformation, the best way to deal with it is 
for ARRL to put it's cards on the table. Simply tell us exactly
WHAT the ARRL position is on this. So far, all we've gotten is a lot 
of contradicting statements that are ALL designed to have
us ignore what ARRL is up to. It reminds me of getting my pocket 
picked while a shill comes up with a diversion.

I remember all the disagreements I used to have when Phil Haller was 
representing this district. Phil was at least an honorable
enough man to tell you to your face when he disagreed with you, and 
tell you EXACTLY how he was voting, and WHY. Phil
Haller and I often didn't agree, but we at least respected each other 
enough to not play the kind of games with each other we're
seeing nowadays.

Mr. T., W9LBB

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