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JACK C. SHUTT w9gt at verizon.net
Sun Nov 25 11:02:28 EST 2007

Hi Brian,
  Yes, Rob is a fine fellow who hosts the Midwest Classic Radio Net on 3885 on Saturday mornings.  He is is in Marshall, Wisconsin.  Yes, the QRM goes both ways this time of year.  When seasonal conditions improve, unfortunately we can hear each other regularly on the popular frequencies, so it becomes a challenge to conduct more local communications without QRMing someone half-way across the country.   The solution is obvious....spread out.  I realize that moving is somewhat more of an inconvenience for those who may be xtal-controlled.  It is also sometimes a problem with the old boatanchor stuff, with some ops having difficulty accurately zeroing each other and consequently occupying a broader range of frequencies in one QSO.  
  Talk about problems with QRM......we are constantly battling the SSB "Buzzard Net" on 3888 and other groups of slopbucket nimrods on 3884 and 3878.  They essentially pretend not to hear AM operations already on or near the frequency.  Oh well...seems that it goes with the territory...sure is clearer down the band, but it is difficult getting everyone to spread out and get out of the so-called "ghetto".  We are creatures of habit...and we really enjoy congregating around frequencies where we know other AMers probably will be listening.  
  73,  Jack, W9GT

"A.R.S. - WA5AM" <ars.w5ami at gmail.com> wrote:
  I wonder if anyone on the list knows WA9ZTY. I was going to email
him, however I can not find any email or phone number for him.

He is part of a group that meets just above 3890 in the mornings,
however I can not figure out exactly what frequency they think they
are operating on since they are spread out from 3889 to 3892.5+.
There is a group in my area that meets each morning on 3890, and at
times these fellow AM'ers in 9 land really hit us hard when they are
operating in such a wide area. I'd really like to see if they
wouldn't mind trying to get close to one another so at least our notch
filters will work as intended, etc. They really don't seem to be
minding what frequency they transmit on. Don't get me wrong, a few
hundred cycles doesn't bother me one bit, but when one group operates
in an area of nearly 4kcs consistently each morning, it becomes very
annoying for us.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with these fellows, I would
appreciate if you would politely ask them if they could zero beat one
another. If you prefer, send me the contact info, and I will talk
with them. I'm sure we can work something out.


Brian / wa5am

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