[AMRadio] Subscribe to the ARRL ?

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 11:11:16 EST 2007


Your posting about whether people are "members" of the
ARRL is somewhat off-topic if you intended to present
it as part of the discussion about the controversial
IARU Region 2 band plan.

Subscribing to the ARRL is not a contingency for their
representation of U.S. licensees at the IARU. Nor is
it a pre-requisite for their obligation to respond to
concerns as expressed on the matter.

As the "member society" or representative club for
U.S. licensees at the IARU, at least for the time
being, their obligations to us do not hinge on whether
any of us has paid dues to the ARRL.

Separately, in response to you question, I paid $39 to
take part in the Atlantic Division survey conducted by
volunteer & elected Director Bill Edgar, N3LLR. The
results of that survey, which included the Great Lakes
and Delta Divisions as well, showed nearly 20 percent
of the respondents listed AM as among their HF

That finding was worth the price of admission, and if
anything, should have precluded the kind of treatment
against the AM community caused by Paul Rinaldo at the
IARU conference in Brazil.

If you or anyone else can find a way to hold him
accountable, and/or the ARRL Board of Directors that
Joel Harrison said gave him the policy to carry out at
Brazil, then you will be earning the $39 you have
spent to subscribe to the League. (contradiction


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