[AMRadio] IARU - VP ARRL contact by WD5BZO

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Sun Nov 25 11:37:23 EST 2007

No Pete,
    That was Ed Hare that was holding BPL to task. If there was a way, I 
donate $40 directly to Ed since it was HIS efforts that made the difference. 
And if you recall, the ARRgghhL bought into the new BPL system launched by 
Motorola. It wasn't much better than any of the other systems out there.
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If it wasn't for the ARRL exposing the BPL interference issues and taking
the FCC and the BPL companies to task about the interference and
noncompliance to current FCC rules and regulations, a number of amateur
radio geographic areas definitely would be in worst shape today regarding

Pete, wa2cwa 

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