[AMRadio] To ship or not to ship

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Hi Rick,

Over the past few weeks I have shipped a lot of stuff including several 
receivers (NC-183).

I used the USPS Priority mail on almost everything.  With priority mail, 
there is less handling of the item and it does not stay in transit as long.

At present, I am bating 1000, no damages and fast delivery.

I have also had excellent results using Greyhound express.  If you are 
shipping to a customer in a large city served by the Greyhound bus system, 
many times it never leaves the bus from the time you ship until it arrives.

If I sent you a large heavy item, I could put in on the bus in Tallahassee 
and it would stay in its place until it arrived in Dallas.

The cost is not that much when you consider the advantages.

Another thing I will share with you.  Go to a carpet store that does 
installations and ask for some scrap padding.

Take the unit and roll it up six or eight times and shove it into a large 
box.  This will give you about 8 to 10 inches of foam padding arouind the 
unit and.....it's free

Good Luck on the sale.


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I am thinking seriously about selling my Valiant and NC-183 and wonder if I
should take a chance on shipping either or both?  The Valiant is very heavy
as you all know and the NC-183 is no light weight.  If I don't agree to ship
it will certainly limit the possibility of selling them.  What do ya'll have
to say?  I received both via FedEx or UPS, I don't remember now, and both
were undamaged.

Thanks for any input..

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