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Subject: Re: [AMRadio] HRO-50
Date: Mon, November 26, 2007 16:03
From: "Mike Sawyer" <w3slk at hughes.net>

> What a pain in the scrote.
I agree. Still, when the 1st HRO came out, nothing else on the market
could touch it.

>The manual says to adjust the coils for the low
> end of the band, (in this case, I'm using coil set D 1.8-4.0M GC 3,5-4.0
> and there aren't any adj. available. I looked in the in each coil set and I
> can see the coil but it looks as though it was designed not to be adj. and
> I'm hesitant about attempting to adj. them.

For the low end of the bands there is a 1/2 turn on the INTERIOR of the
coil form that is to be moved either to buck or boost the main winding, or
anything in between. "Pain in the Scrote" sums it up pretty well ;>) How
you are supposed to make slight adjustments, noting the output level, pull
the coil, poke that 1/2 turn a bit, again note the output level, and
ultimately find the peak is beyond me. I usually optimize at the top of
the band (where trimmer caps are accessible with the coil installed at the
top, and watch the output level as I adjust) and take what I get at the
bottom of the frequency range - life is too short! Maybe when I retire
I'll do the PROPER alignment on my 2 HROs, if I run out of stuff to do...


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