[AMRadio] Howdy Y'all

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Nov 26 19:38:32 EST 2007

Hi Ronnie...  You have definitely been missed.  That Ranger will do the
stuff in another few weeks as the bands quiet down more.


well Im not dead. Not on the air either, but not dead. With the sale of my 
precious Globe King 500 I have paid off the last of the doctors after my 
health issues in 2005.

So its back to basics. I have a ranger and a R4C. Thats all thats left of 
the AM gear.! But I plan on getting on the air with peanut power during the 
upcoming Christmas Holidays when I have some time off from work.

recently built a little 6AG7/6L6 40M cw rig and have been having some fun 
with it. It still have some chirp issues but I'll get them squared when I 
have a full day to work on it.

anywho, just wanted to say howdy to everyone and hope to work you again real


Ronnie - W5SUM

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