[AMRadio] 572B's going Legacy?

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Mon Nov 26 20:27:26 EST 2007

Hi all,

  I ran into the following info from another source (yahoo ham_amplifiers). It looks like the Chinese 572B manufacturing may have already ended. That leaves the Svetlana version. see info below.


pentalab wrote:

> Gents.. this from AMPS. It appears that Chinese 572-B's are no

> longer going to be made... and that the Svetlana 572-B is a dud for

> RF.. I read somewhere that the Svetlanan version is for audio use

> only.. and the anode is smaller inside the glass envelope... and

> also doesn't hi-pot test as high.


> Jim



> Yep, dead right. I buy them in direct from China for resale in

> Australia and can attest to their excellent quality.


> There is one downside however. The Shuguang factory which makes the

> tubes has decided to DISCONTINUE the 572B. Stocks have all but dried

> up and there won't be any more. As I write this, the last 22 tubes

> that I could source in China, are on their way to me


> There is obviously no money in glass rf tubes. The upsurge in tube

> hifi has seen to that.


> 73, Alek



> At 01:49 AM 23/11/2007, jeremy-ca wrote:

>> All Chinese tubes are the same now. All RF Parts does is charge you

>> more for the honor of having their name on them.


>> Ive bought directly from Hong Kong as well as the Pentas, no

>> problems in Clippertons or on 6M.


>> Carl

>> KM1H


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