[AMRadio] Just a thought for laughter and memory

Robert Lawson w4rl at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 26 22:17:54 EST 2007

I would think that most of us ain't no more spring chicken (rosters) 
anymore, so I though I would ask this in light of some of the serious 
exchanges that I've read/deleted over the AM band plan ala  IRAU/ARRL 

Question: What was your favorite April QST April Fool's article, or one 
that could have qualified?

I remember from years past "The Vertical Beer Can Special" and also the 
ham who wrote the article on the compact antenna mounted atop the roof 
of his high rise New York apartment building with the radiating element 
being a red light bulb with comments on all those he contacted on the 
bands using the antenna aks dummy load. 

Of personal note, I remember years ago when we were having a big 
family/friend cookout in my backyard with all the young family/children 
energies going on, I tried to assemble a beer can vertical or at least 
get all the element parts collected.  You can imagine the rest of the 
story with all the other young non-ham fathers attempting to assist me 
in advice and physical efforts. Did we succeed ?  Well I'll say this. We 
did get the antenna high enough to resonate on 6 meters.... then we just 
kind of lost interest in the vertical extension element assembly for 
some reason as each can was becoming more difficult to 'solder' to the 
next, :-) then all of us going back to play with the kids and eat more 
hamburgers and watermelon even though we had plenty of aluminum raw 
materials left over to probably make a 160 meter vertical.  Remember 
those times?

Have happy thoughts this coming month with you families as they are (the 
years) each numbered. 

Merry Christmas

Robert W4RL 

Remember, our hobby is not our life, it's just a hobby to help us extend 
our life.

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