[AMRadio] Just a thought for laughter and memory

Thomas Adams quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Mon Nov 26 22:28:01 EST 2007

 >>> Question: What was your favorite April QST April Fool's article, 
or one that could have qualified?  <<<

I think my all time favorite (and the one that destroyed the most 
equipment) was the one about
the dummy load made of RG8/U coax.

It was a section about a foot long with PL-259s on each end. On the 
far end was a Tee connector,
with a 12" loop of coax between the open ends of the Tee.

The LETTERS column was hilarious the next few issues...  like the guy 
who actually made one
(he was far from alone!), and hooked it to his shiny new 
Hallicrafters SR-2000 Hurricane and put
his final amp tubes into orbit around the moon!!!

Second prize went to the Electron Accelerator antenna.

The graphics showed a dipole, with electrons wandering around 
randomly in a lotta space inside of the
wire near the center of the antenna. Maybe an eighth wavelength down 
the antenna, the wire size was
suddenly REDUCED, forcing the electrons into nice, orderly, tightly 
packed streams!

Honorable mention goes to the guy who published the NASA "Cycles to 
Hertz Conversion Nomograph"!!!

Mr. T., W9LBB

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