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Mon Nov 26 23:23:56 EST 2007

>But this entire thread (or really the entire mentality)
>of "somebody's going to steal my little red shovel and
>it's MINE" is quite over the top.

I encourage you to read my past postings on this matter.  I have 
consistently made the point that a restrictive and limiting bandplan 
that does not match current practices on the bands - like the one that 
will go into effect in a month or so - is simply not a good idea.  Not 
because it impacts any of my "little-red-shovels", AM, or otherwise, 
but rather because it is not well-conceived and will likely lead to 
stress between amateurs that is is simply not necessary.  Besides, the 
problem it seeks to solve doesn't even exist except in the minds of a 
few folks who want to CONTROL things.

Without meaningful definitions in the plan of bandwidth and how to 
measure it, there will be endless finger-pointing among SSB and digital 
operators that can never be sorted out.  Without room in the plan for 
full-carrier DSB AM there will be hams who claim that AM operations are 
"not following the bandplan".  And since "good amateur practice" in the 
FCC rules is becoming linked to following a bandplan, then the AMers 
will be the "bad-guys".  The same for other modes that will not fit 
into the new bandplan.

And finally it does seem like the ARRL is using the IARU Region 2 
bandplan as a way to "revisit" the issue of regulation-by-bandwidth 
that they have long sought.

Steve WD8DAS

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