[AMRadio] Subscribe to the ARRL ?

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Individual mileages may vary on this subject, but a letter, sent via 
USPS Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, will most likely not 
result in it being tossed.  The ARRL doesn't know if it's a donation, 
subscription or garbage.  Doubtful they will trash anything resembling 

We had a local "incident" with an over-zealous OO a few years back 
(read that Band Cop) when his ARRL appointment sort of went to his 
head.  He hung out on 2m repeaters and sent nasty notes to several 
hams.  Our local club sent a formal business letter, complete with 
copies of the OO cards and the rebuttals citing Part 97, to the ARRL.  
Within days, the problem was solved........at least for us.  And the 
reply from ARRL was via letter............not e-mail.

I'd recommend a formal letter.

BTW, the thread on the IARU situation has been most welcomed here.  
Thanks to all who have worked to expose the facts and who provided us 
with enough info to express our concerns.  My comments will go directly 
to ARRL in Newington as the "chain of command" using the ARRL 
appointees and elected Directors, Vice-Directors, Section Managers, 
Assistant Section Managers and various other "officials" is basically 
an exercise in bureaucracy.

Best 73 de W4MIL
Palm Coast, FL

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David Knepper wrote:

> Steve, read my email.  Perhaps, a mass mailing to the League rather
> than the use of email would be more effective.
> It is so easy to delete email but at least a letter has to be opened!

It DOES?  Generally, if I know what it is, there's no need to go 
it twice.. I toss it, unopened, in the trash.

In today's technologically advanced age of communication, e-mail and 
are the preferred ways of business communications.

Driving your AM Rig without a scope,
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)


73 = Best Regards,



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