[AMRadio] Just a thought for laughter and memory

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Tue Nov 27 09:56:14 EST 2007

Back when I was a a novice, and not old enough to buy beer, I built the
forty meter version out of tin down spout. Mounted the thing on the garage
roof, and ran the support/radials to the corners. Worked all states after
school evenings on CW as a highschool Junior. I might mention the coil
and cap arrangement suggested by W2OY, helped greatly in getting the
thing to take power on 40. Man it worked great, those were wonder filled

"Don't worry a good "TELEGRAPHER" will save your ASS"

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>I can personally attest to the performance of a beercan vertical, actually 
>soda can in my case as I was only 16. Using that QST article (been an ARRL 
>member since 1954 when my folks gave me a QST subscription for my birthday) 
>I built a 20M version and put it on my folks garage roof with 8 drooping 
> It worked gangbusters then which was leading up to that monster sunspot 
> cycle where you could work the world with just about anything.
> In later years I tried to build one for 40M using Bud cans which were thin 
> aluminum by then. I used plumbers liquid (diluted hydrochloric acid) to 
> solder. That held but the cans were too flimsy and after they buckled 3 
> times I gave up.
> Carl
> KM1H

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