[AMRadio] ARRL Great Lakes Director on IARU Bandplan

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Tue Nov 27 13:21:35 EST 2007

All Mr. Sumner and his board have to do is take me up on my free offer of a
Webinar at my expense. No strings, my engineers will set it up, all the ARRL
team has to do is sit down in front of their computers, turn on a web cam
and accept our questions in a rational and well though out manner.  All
"they" have to do is provide us with clear answers.  Take one hour out of
life and communicate with us so we can all get back to our rigs and AM.

Unfortunately Mr. Sumner and his team have stone walled my offer and remain
unwilling to speak to the membership in real time and provide clear credible

All the Best

Ron Weaver   W6OM


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Hey Steve, I guess congrads on the promotion.
Pete, wa2cwa

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 11:47:04 -0500 Warren Elly <w1gud at tampabay.rr.com>
> Mr Johnson...
>         Many thanks for your reply, the first the AM community has 
> received  
> one that was both civil and credible. I believe that some of your  
> fellow directors ought to be ashamed of themselves, and I hope you  
> have seen some of their correspondence directed to us. Its very  
> disappointing, and has only served to reinforce the view that many 
> of  
> us have formed of the league through a lifetime of disappointment on 
> a  
> range of issues from incentive licensing, to bpl, to code  
> requirements, to PRB-1, to bandwidth issues. I think you misjudge 
> and  
> under estimate what you call a "small flurry of concern by some AM  
> colleagues". Considering the current state of the hobby, the number 
> of  
> new licensees, and the fact that the great majority of us are aging  
> and that a significant number of us collect and restore old gear, 
> the  
> league needs to turn this AM issue into a wake up call.
>         Most of us are long-time amateurs, who've been league 
> members nearly  
> all our lives. I signed up at age 12, three years before I got my  
> novice ticket. I've been licensed now over 40 years, and have 
> operated  
> AM continuously in one way or another over those years. I remain  
> convinced that the league would outlaw our part of the hobby if it  
> could. I only maintain my membership so that I can have a voice and  
> won't be dismissed as an "outsider". I think its sad that looking 
> back  
> at the issues over the years, I can't think of a single issue that  
> left me feeling like the league was on my side as an amateur.
>         I think most of us would have felt much better if our arrl  
> representatives at the IARU conference were a bit more informed, and 
> put their intentions in voting for this proposal on the record. I  
> think we also have our doubts that there was not, in fact, some plan  
> to use the IARU issue as a leg up to move closer to outlawing AM in  
> the US. Mr. Rinaldo's role remains of interest, and is most 
> suspect.
>         As for the CQ editors path towards "bad journalism", as a 
> journalist  
> all my life, I must caution you that these things happen when one is 
> unable to get the "whole" story. If the league was more forthcoming, 
> and spoke with clarity and transparency, these things would not  
> happen. Its a shame that no logical, thinking person could avoid the 
> same conclusions CQ reached, based on the "facts" at hand. What else 
> are we to think?
>         Again, thank you for your frankness and willingness to 
> address the AM/ 
> Vintage radio community. I wish some of your candor would rub off on 
> the rest. But I'd also urge you to weigh again the importance of a  
> vital, active community in amateur radio that's much more than " 
> small  
> flurry" in the big picture.
> 73,
> Warren Elly W1GUD
> Tampa, Florida
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