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Tue Nov 27 15:54:20 EST 2007

Riley Hollingsworth, the FCC's Special Council for Amateur Radio 
Enforcement, has defined "Good Amateur Practice" to include following 
published bandplans.       Steve WD8DAS

>From    http://ws8rm.ifip.com/goodamateur.htm

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"Good Amateur Practice is a hard thing to define. I'd have to say it's 
operating with the realization that frequencies are shared, that 
there's going to be occasional interference and that's no reason to 
become hateful and paranoid. You have to
realize that more people listen than ever before, especially since the 
events on 11 September, and our rights end where another person's 

"It means giving a little ground even if you have a right not to, in 
order to help preserve Amateur Radio and not cause it to get a bad name 
or hasten the day when it becomes obsolete."

"It means not using that one Kenwood rig on 6kHz bandwidth when there 
are lots of people on the band."

"It means not acting like an idiot just because you were stepped on. It 
means being aware that we all love Amateur Radio, and why damage it 
just to save face?"

"It means cutting a net or a contester a break even if you don't have 
to and even if you have no interest whatsoever in nets or contesting."

"It means being nice, because one thing we don't need more of are 
idiots in the radio world.  Now this doesn't touch on a lot of 
technical issues such as using 1,500 watts when your signal report 
received is 20 over 9."

"It just means a lot of things that can't be qualified, such as 
respecting a band plan because it makes it possible for every mode to 
have a chance."

"It means operating so that if a neighbor, niece or nephew or news 
reporter hears you, that person is impressed with Amateur Radio."

"It means realizing that every right carries responsibilities, and just 
because you may have a right to do certain things doesn't mean it's 
right to do them in every circumstance."

"It means just because you haven't done a creative thing in Amateur 
Radio in 25 years, and have been on the same frequency every morning 
for 135 years shooting the breeze with Harry, who's 200 miles away, 
doesn't mean you own the frequency."

"It also means NOT operating so whoever hears you becomes sorry as hell 
they ever got into Amateur Radio in the first place."

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