[AMRadio] Got an FT102

Brett Gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizon.net
Tue Nov 27 16:17:05 EST 2007

I have a couple of Yaesu FT 102,s in the pipeline, one I got off ebay, 
but no response from the seller since Sunday, dont you just love it 
when people are slow with your new toy?
I feel like backing out because of the delay.

Another I got private, with two radios,  I am sure of having spare parts!

I have a line on a third real cheap, with relay problems, should
be easy to fix, and I would go for it if the ebay thing falls through.

Two working units would be handy, I could use one each to drive
the homebrew rigs and park one on 80 meters, the other on 40, and
return the 32V3 to a standalone transmitter.

I am very interested in the receive on these rigs, they seem like they
should be good for all modes, unlike modern upconversion stuff.

If anyone has one or has used one on receive, let me know what
you think of it.


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